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Stand Up Comedy Bio - 


Matteo Pascale is a stand-up comedian credited with performing in venues such as Stand Up New York and Eastville Comedy Club. He has been an opener for headline talents Mike Recine and Nick Mullen of Cum Town and The Adam Friedland Show. Matteo Pascale performed at Skankfest NYC 2019 and The Garden State Comedy Festival 2019. He has produced shows regularly known as Crooklyn Comedy. Crooklyn Comedy has been running as a show since 2019 in various Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan venues. It has been successfully reviewed in several hip-hop online publications. The most notable hip-hop publication to give the show a great review was, “LizzyBrodie.” In 2020, Matteo Pascale was asked to produce Crooklyn Comedy as a satellite show for the 5th Borough Comedy Festival. Matteo Pascale also hosts a podcast, "Let Us Be Idiots". The weekly podcast, explores the elements of having a truly stupid conversations and can be only be described as an audio circus. In 2021 Matteo Pascale teamed up with the comedic duo Greg & Rob. Who rebooted their weekly podcast. This reboot included Matteo Pascale as the official third mic and producer of The Greg & Rob Podcast.

Matteo Pascale
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